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  Today, several guests came to my company to tell me that the quality of our company's demolition arm is reliable. It has been used for almost a month without any quality problems. On the contrary, other manufacturers have made several sets of demolition arm for them. There are often such and such problems. The most prominent one is the bucket cylinder pulling cylinder. It takes less than a month to build a machine. Two bucket cylinders have been damaged. Ask us what brand of cylinders we use. The quality is so good.
  And I want to know if our existing cylinders can be installed on their several arm diggers for demolition. I asked the customer to ask the manufacturer to send the drawings of bucket cylinders. It was found that they are not universal. Our cylinder stroke is 60 mm longer than that one. The pin holes installed are the same. If we install our bucket cylinders, it will be the same. The hammer will touch the arm when it stretches, so it will not be used. The problem of this kind of cylinder pulling is obviously the quality problem of the cylinder. I heard that the cylinder was bought over there in Zhaoqing. The specific manufacturer is ominous. Our company is a cylinder company which belongs to Sanyi ZTE and Hunan Sanxing. So the quality is relatively reliable.
  The customer ordered seven sets of dismantling arms, which were originally made by our company, but required delivery before April 25. At that time, the time of delivery was only about 50 days, and March and April were our busiest time. So we only received four sets and let three sets to other manufacturers. I have seen those sets of dismantling arms. Compared with our company's excavator demolition arm, there are still many gaps, from the following points:
  1. Comparing the spare valves installed, our company uses the joint-venture spare valves, and the foot-stepping valves are also the original ones of CAT. The manufacturer uses the domestic spare valves and the domestic foot-stepping valves. The cost of a machine here varies greatly by several thousand yuan, which makes the joint-venture spare valves beautiful and neat after being installed. The domestic spare valve pipeline is very messy and beautiful. Comparing from the operation: The foot feels very good when the original CAT foot stepping on the valve, while the domestic foot stepping on the valve is very stiff. From long-term comparison: Joint-venture spare valves rarely leak, and domestic spare valves have a higher probability of leaking.
  2. Comparing the materials used in the arms, I heard that the upper and lower cover plates are made of Q550 material. Our company uses Q690D material. The direct material cost of a set of arms here is several thousand yuan higher than theirs. Of course, the strength of the arm of our company will naturally be much better than theirs.
  3. From the comparison of hose materials, our company uses GATES tubing. The brand of tubing used by that manufacturer is not clear, but look at the general quality, the cost of a set of arms is two or three thousand yuan higher than that company.
  4. Comparing with the bucket cylinder, the Sany ZTE cylinder used by our company is the cylinder manufactured by the general manufacturer. This kind of cylinder is more expensive in our company than in that company.
  In this way, they have a set of arms less than 10,000 yuan in cost than I do. So when talking about the excavator's dismantling arm, we must let the manufacturer mention the detailed product drawings, and indicate the brand, model, origin and other relevant information of the relevant outsourced accessories. Only when the relevant technical requirements are unified can it be compared to the price. Otherwise, a set of 22-meter excavator with three dismantling arms is not much.